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Day 2 of 2015

Well Oh em tak tahu mana start hahaha. So hmm life is tough huh nowadays. You know when, you can't simply talk to anyone about your feelings but inside you're dying, n the truth is no one knows.  And yup that is me. Sitting alone in my room n thinking, 
Thinking when will it stops.

Well dah masuk 2015, n I was wondering why should my every 'new year' starts with sorrow. Is it because it is wrong for me to feel happy ? Is it wrong for me to ask my love to do something that makes me happy ? Is it wrong for me to ask my soul to be happy with me ? I just don't get it. I really don't get it. I thought the purpose of having someone you love is to make you happy n be happy with each other.

Do you ever feel like you're done with everything, every single thing that happened in your life throughout the years. You're done with crying and sadness, you're done with feeling not good enough, you're done with making your partner happy. Then suddenly you feel like giving no damn about anything, everything in you life. Then giving up is only the solution you see. That is what I feel right now. I wish I could let it all out, n throw the thorn in my heart. The pain that it caused, the pain that it caused, couldn't simply be heal by time.